Double Wall Rectangular Duct And Fittings


Pro-Fab Sheet Metal’s double wall rectangular duct and fittings provide exceptional noise and thermal control in air handling systems. This double-wall, insulated ductwork is constructed of a solid metal outer pressure shell and a metal inner liner with a layer of insulation sandwiched between.

The acoustical/thermal insulation can be used with air velocities up to 10,000 fpm and temperatures up to 250°F. It is available in thicknesses of 1, 2, and 3 inches and has a maximum thermal conductivity (k) factor of 0.27 Btu/hour/square foot/°F/inch thickness.

Our standard construction is galvanized steel with a perforated metal liner and 1-inch-thick uncoated fiberglass insulation. Other insulation materials and metals are available, as are solid metal inner liners.

Our double wall rectangular duct and fittings are shipped fully assembled with TDC flanged ends.

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